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Q Care -
Pusara Services

Assisting you in cleaning services for Muslim graveyards. Thorough cleaning and upkeep of the graves of your loved ones.

Pembersihan Asas Pusara

This service consists of; Thorough cleaning of grave perimeters. Maintaining the landscape and plucking of weeds.

Customers will have to furnish the following information;

  • Name of Deceased

  • Date of Passing

  • Block Number

  • Plot Number

Add-Ons (Penambahan)

Customers are required to purchase "Pembersihan Asas Pusara" service to be able to purchase the add-ons. These add-ons are not allowed to purchase on it's own.

  • Rose Water

  • Kain Putih / Kain Kuning

  • Bunga Rampai

  • Loose Flowers (Orchid)

  • Bunga Tangkai (Orchid)

  • Pokok Bunga (Jasmine)

  • Pokok Bunga (Selasih)

  • Batu Merah (To be placed around the graveyard)

  • Carpeted Grass (with/without dapur)

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